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Bethie Kohanchi, M.A. L.M.F.T.,  Clinical Supervisor

Bethie is the Founder and Executive Director of The Kohan Foundation Counseling Center. A licensed psychotherapist with expertise in addiction counseling and dual diagnosis, Bethie also has significant experience working with individuals suffering from severe Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia.

Bethie received her undergraduate degree from UCLA and then went on to get her Master Degree in Clinical Psychology at Antioch University.

Bethie has also counseled victims of domestic violence, facilitated anger management groups for court mandated clients, and led parenting groups. In addition, Bethie was selected to run several programs offered through the Department of Mental Health, and she has worked with men and women incarcerated in the LA County prison system.

Bethie practices an eclectic style of psychotherapy, calling upon her extensive training in Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.

Explaining why she loves what she does, Bethie says:

“I get tremendous satisfaction from seeing the powerful impact that therapy, even in the short term, can have on my clients' lives. I can not even begin to tell you honored and priveleged I feel each time I'm able to take a client from being stuck and hopeless to having a full and thriving life.”

Sharing her vision for The Kohan Foundation, Bethie says:

“My goal is to provide quality affordable therapy to those people who need to most; people who might not even realize that with therapy their lives can be very different.”

When she's not seeing clients, Bethie enjoys walking on the beach and watching her favorite episodes of Seinfeld.

Favorite Books        Journal articles and non-fiction titles

Favorite Movie        Not Without My Daughter


 Jim Borgardt, Clinical Supervisor

Born in Chicago and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jim graduated UCLA and spent many years working in the film business, before going back to school and earning a Master of Clinical Psychology at Antioch University. He specializes in trauma recovery, as well as treating clients suffering from anxiety, depression and psychotic disorders.

Asked what type of therapy he prefers to practice, Jim explains that he focuses on a humanistic approach which is aimed at helping clients to develop a stronger and healthier sense of self.

Jim says that he gets the most satisfaction from what he does when he's able to help his clients discover the answers and solutions for themselves.

In his own words:

“If I had to put it into plain English, I feel best about what I do when, thanks thanks to the guidance, focus, and direction that I provide, my clients are able to heal and repair themselves. It's all worth it, each time I see a client walking out on his or her own two feet, having originally come to me on crutches or being carried being carried by someone else.”

On weekends and after work, Jim enjoys reading, as well as playing tennis and skiing.

Last Book                Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury

Favorite Movie        Waking Life


Jennifer Tims Boler

Married for 30 years to the pastor of a Baptist Church, Jennifer is a native Californian who was raised in South Central Los Angeles.

Psychotherapy is a second career for Jennifer. Several decades after earning her undergraduate degree at Cal State San Bernardino, after her two kids were grown and out of the house, Jennifer decided to go back to school and develop her natural and practical skills in counseling. Graduating with a masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Argosy University, Jennifer explains her decision to pursue a career as a pyschotherapist:

“People have always come to me for advice, and being a pastor's wife I've given a lot of counsel over the years. Now, having gone back to school and honed my God-given skills, I feel even better equipped to help people cope with whatever challenges life deals them.”

In addition to helping people deal with grief, loss, and depression, Jennifer has significant experience working with individuals suffering from mental illness, and with those who are struggling with addictions.

In her free time Jennifer enjoys shopping, reading, swimming, listening to Christian music, and spending time with family and friends.

Last Book                The Half-Stiched Amish Quilting Club

Favorite Movie        The Color Purple


Menachem Stuhlberger

Born in New York and raised in the Valley, Menachem is a married father of two young children. When he's not trying to get his kids to sleep, Menachem is doing what he loves; helping his clients becoming whole and achieving their potential.

Always knowing that he was destined to be some sort of coach, counselor, or therapist, Menachem studied pyschology undergrad before going on to earn a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Touro University. He also spent 4 years teaching elementary and high school. Explaining why he chose to become a pychotherapist, Menachem, who is also an ordained rabbi, refers to the biblical teaching that says, “If one saves a single soul, it is as if he is saving the whole world.”

Menachem's client-base covers the spectrum, and includes elementary school children, addicts in recovery and their significant others. Trained in neuro and biofeedback, he also enjoys using these tools as means to teach clients to address issues of self-regulation.

Explaining his approach to therapy, Menachem says:

“Over the years, I have come to favor a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) approach to therapy. I think it's critical to “see” and treat each of my clients as a whole person, rather than just focusing on the particular issue that they happen to be coming to me with.”

In what little free time he has, Menachem enjoys science fiction, hiking, and going on dates with his wife.

Last Book                Pride & Prejudice

Favorite Movie        Usual Suspects & Finding Nemo


 Niosha Sarfallah

Raised in Vancouver where she attended the University of British Columbia and earned a bachelors degree in Psychology and Family Studies, Niosha moved to Los Angeles to attend Antioch University's Graduate School of Psychology. Having visited over 20 countries, to further her education Niosha has also completed psychology coursework in London and Japan.

Grateful that she has been trained in several modes of psychotherapy, Niosha explains:

“With some clients it's worthwhile to focus on why they're feeling or behaving the way they are, so then I'll use psychodynamic therapy to uncover the deeper motivations for their feelings and behaviors. On the other hand, sometimes our goal in therapy is just to relieve a client's suffering as quickly as possible, so then I'll use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques."

Fluent in several languages, when she's not working with her clients, Niosha enjoys horseback riding, playing with her dogs, and watching documentary films.

Last Book              Gift of Therapy by Irvin Yalom

Favorite Movie        Ghandi, Legally Blonde


 Mandy Pifer, M.A.


Mandy Pifer received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, TN. After a successful career in sales/marketing and administration management, Mandy decided to follow her passion for helping others. In 2011, she received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, with a specialization in Community psychology, from Antioch University Los Angeles.

Prior to joining Kohan Foundation International, Mandy was trained in Relational Gestalt theory and practice, at The Relational Center. Believing that the power of healing lies in (healthy) relationships with others, Mandy engages her clients in dialogue. Through dialogue, Mandy’s clients acquire insight into their own thoughts and behaviors, creating space for change.

Last Book              The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg

Favorite Movie        Coal Miner’s Daughter


Amanda L. Archer, M.A.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from California State University - San Bernardino and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Community Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology Los Angeles campus.

For the last twelve years, Amanda has spent her time working with non-profits in both a volunteer capacity and as an employee and consultant. Amanda has a vision for healthy communities and organizations. This vision is fueled by a desire to see the people of the world take better care of one another. She employs asset-based and strength focused methods and models in her work with communities and organizations."

Last Book              Hunger Games Trilogy

Favorite Movie        Grease


Maryam Khodaei, M.A.

Maryam received a Bachelors degree in Clinical Psychology and a Masters degree in Human Relations & Counseling, both from the University of Oklahoma. Maryam is a professional counselor and drug and alcohol counselor experienced in mood and emotional disorders, chemical dependency, dual diagnosis, group therapy, family therapy, relationship issues, effective communication skills, and effective parenting skills. Her professional experience encompasses 18 years of work in the field of mental health ranging from being a case manager to a mental health therapist.

Maryam believes therapy is about change. Her mission as a therapist is to help people to find their way to creating balance and joy in their daily life. She believes all clients have the ability to build a strong, healthy, and peaceful self. "

Last Book              The Great Gatsby

Favorite Movie        The Blind Side


 Stephan Separnia, M.A.


Stephan received a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. He has studied and taken seminars and workshops in self-help and self-actualization for the last 20 years. Stephan has facilitated group therapy for 15 years. One of his interests is in learning about different religions, inners messages, teachings, chants, customs, and costumes.
Stephan specializes in individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. He has more than 6 years of experience working with substance abuse patients as well as with children and teenagers. His work with children has been focused on mental disorders, behavioral issues, and autism.
When it comes to therapy, Stephan says “I have walked from East to West and from oceans to the tops of the mountains. Nothing is more profound than the bonding of the therapist and their client. Nothing is more rewarding than witnessing their healing and hearing their testimonials.”





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