Children & Adolescent Therapy

Children's Therapy

The Kohan Foundation provides outpatient Mental Health Services for children and youth experiencing a variety of mental illness symptoms such as: depression, anxiety, psychosis, abuse and others.

The Kohan Foundation’s goal is to enhance the mental health of children, youth, adults, and families within the community. The Kohan Foundation is committed in relieving the emotional pain which comes with growing up in a complex world and improving the quality of life for its clients, the child and the parent.

Our staff are mental health experts, trained professionals who provide assessment and treatment for children and adolescents.

We offer psychological services such as individual and group therapy along with case management and medication management. We manage important linkage with other services in the community which will further benefit the child’s development.

In addition to our core services, The Kohan Foundation has: life and social skills training, drug and alcohol abuse education classes, and anger management education. We are committed to providing the latest and up to date programs for children and their families who attend our foundation.

The children’s program is designed to meet and work with an individual child’s developmental stage.

A diagnostic assessment determines if the behavior is a phase or something more serious which may require a different approach. We also have a School-based mental health service program which is based on the geographic location of the child and the school.

Play Therapy Program

This individual therapy service is designed for children who may have an internal struggles, emotional problems, or behavioral problems difficult to resolve solely through other forms of therapy. The therapy process creates a safe environment, allowing the child to work on individual issues, and thereby facilitate the family therapy work.

  • Mental Health Services – assessment, individual/family/group therapy, collateral work with caregivers, clinician are trained in a variety of evidenced-based practices as well as traditional therapeutic approaches.
  • Medication Support Services – We offer psychiatric evaluation and ongoing medication management for clients who need medication.
  • Targeted Case Management – We link up and collaborate with other public and private agencies to provide the best services available which may also include social and advocacy services.

Kohan Foundation clinicians work with children and their families by utilizing a strength-based, family centered approach. In addition to individual mental health strategies for the child, services are also provided to meet the needs of parents regarding their own mental health.

Adolescent Therapy

Counseling services for adolescents is composed of both Intervention and Prevention services;

Mental health assessment and treatment for adolescents, psychological services, such as individual and group therapy are offered.

Life skill training, Social skills, Drug and alcohol education, and Anger management education are some examples of the programs available to children and their families.

A School-based mental health services program is also offered, based on geographic location.